Caring for a puppy

Caring for a puppy turns out to be much more demanding than caring for an adult dog. This should not come as a surprise – after all, he is a small canine child who must rely on his caring owners for everything.

As mentioned that a puppy should eate more often than an adult dog – at least 3 times a day in small portions. He also needs to go outside more often than an adult dog – all digestive processes take place in his small body much faster than in the case of an adult dog. From the first days of the puppy’s presence at home, it is worth spending time training cleanliness, so that the puppy learns to take care of his needs outside the home. How to do it?
The science of cleanliness

First of all, you need to carefully observe and react to the signals sent. A puppy is unlikely to go to the door, sit next to it, and bark at it, much less bring you a leash, but recognizing that it needs to leave is not difficult. Probably he will not be able to find a place for himself, he will start to move nervously and sniff around. You can capture these signals by rewarding the desired behavior with, for example, treats and praise. When your toddler takes care of his outdoor needs, reward it immediately. Thanks to this, the dog will know what to do in a given situation. Be patient and understanding, if he sometimes forgets himself and takes care of himself at home – never punish him. It’s best to just ignore the undesirable behavior.
Better to prevent …

When a puppy arrives at home, it is extremely important to secure various potentially dangerous places, cables (which he might want to bite) or chemicals that may end tragically if consumed. Curiosity about the world and sore gums due to teething make the puppy often start biting anything that falls into his mouth.

In addition, every dog ​​has a natural need to chew and chew, which is e.g. a coping strategy. To prevent damage to the apartment, give the child toys made of durable materials (e.g. thick strings), teethers, etc. Then he will focus on them and should not be interested in furniture or home decorations. Remember to choose toys dedicated to puppies. Adapt the toy to the size of the dog, its needs and possibilities.
Good relationships and trust are essential

Caring for a dog, and in particular for a puppy, in addition to satisfying basic life needs, should primarily aim at creating a bond between the dog and the owner. Therefore, be sure to pay attention not only to the amount of time you devote to the dog, but also to the quality. The dog will appreciate your involvement in your relationships and your active participation in playing together. Reward your dog for any desired behavior, as this will make it persistent. Never punish him, however, because aversive methods cause aggression and completely destroy the dog’s trust in the handler.

Who should be entrusted with the care of the dog in the absence?

It is also an extremely important aspect of owning a dog. From time to time you have to leave and you cannot always take your pet with you. What to do in that case? Ideally, you should entrust the care of your dog to someone you trust in your family or close friends who know your dog well. However, this is not always possible – then a professional animal hotel may be the solution.

It is extremely important to choose such a place wisely – it should be run by experienced specialists who will be able to minimize the stress of the dog related to separation from the owner and properly take care of all his daily needs. Before making a decision, be sure to check the opinions of previous customers to make sure that you are leaving your pet in good hands.